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65 Tools And Templates Every Financial Advice Business Needs

Download 65 professional and easily customizable templates, scripts, letters, contracts and tools specifically designed to make your running your financial advice business easier, stress-free and more profitable. 

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Dear Financial Advice Business Owner, 

Have you ever found yourself "dropping the ball" with your clients?   

Are you not following up with existing clients or failing to engage new ones as well as you should be? 


Are you not getting the repeat business you expected? 

Are you failing to get a substantial amount of business from referrals? 

Do your clients have trouble understanding your value and/or argue about payment? 

Is work is being duplicated and/or is there a lack of consistency?  

Do you know you need better systems, but just don't know how to create them or where to find the time? 

These are very common predicaments in the financial advice industry; owners and managers are so busy working IN the business that they don't have time to work ON the business. 

Administrative tasks are rushed or neglected; meetings and work take precedence over creating procedures and templates… 


At first it doesn't seem to have much impact – you're doing good work for your clients, right? 

You'll get to all that nuts-and-bolts stuff later, "when things slow down a bit."

And then you just never quite get around to it… Sound familiar? 


Unfortunately, when these "back burner" administrative tasks are neglected, one of the most critical aspects of a successful business falls through the cracks — client engagement.

How Poor Client Engagement Practices  

Could Be Sabotaging Your Business

Can client engagement REALLY make that much difference? Well, consider this:

New clients overwhelmingly select the adviser they feel the most connection with, regardless of credentials, skills or years in business.  

While existing clients take the quality of your work into consideration, most decide to stay or go based on their overall experience with you

Clients, even if happy with your work, will only refer businesses and advisers they feel passionate about.

What's more, polls show (not surprisingly) that: 



Of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.  (McKinsey



Increase in customer retention levels result in a 30% increase in the value of the company. 

(Bain & Co

Of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service. (RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report

Of consumers would pay more for a better customer experience. 

(Defaqto Research

It takes              positive customer experiences to make up for one negative experience.  (Parature)


You knew client engagement was important, but did you know it was THAT important? 

Did you realize that just one missed confirmation letter, or poorly executed fee explanation, or frustrating procedure can cost you a client? 

Well, as these numbers show, it definitely can.  


The solution, of course, is an outstanding customer service system

And, as you can see, this goes way beyond doing good work and being polite. 

You HAVE TO proactively engage your clients through every step of the process, from first contact to post-project.  

It's a huge and overwhelming task for most business owners. "Where do I start? How do I know what I don't know? Where do I get what I need?" 

And even if you spent months figuring it out, who has the time to create all those documents and systems and test them out (while risking customers) ... Yikes!

Wouldn't it be great if you could just snap your fingers and have all the plans, forms, contracts, templates and staff procedures you need? 

Wouldn't it be incredible if you could revolutionize the way your business engages its clients literally overnight?

Well, now you can

That's exactly what the Skills Goodie Bag does for you.

I don't need to hear more, I want the Skills Goodie Bag Right Now!

Only             (including gst) for a limited time.


The Skills Goodie Bag 

Makes Doing Business Easy

So what exactly is the Skills Goodie Bag

It's a digital collection of 65 business-facing and client-facing tools and templates to help you streamline the way you engage with your clients— from marketing and initial contact right through to managing the relationship on an ongoing basis and eliciting referrals.

Designed specifically for financial advice businesses, the Skills Goodie Bag is ideal for: 

Financial Advisors








It uses a proven 6-step process for successful client engagement, and covers all 9 key areas of client interaction: 

The Skills Goodie Bag is the product of decades of financial industry and business experience. 


There are a number of marketing templates, including offer documents to specific target markets and a client-focused introduction document that you can easily customize according to your business and target markets.


These tools and templates will include confirmation, follow up letters, and email drafts you can personalize for each client. These templates take all the hard work out of composing correspondence over and over again, making your team much more productive!


Business-facing checklists are provided for a range of activities including meetings and preparing advice. This gives you the power to guide your staff and give your clients consistent, effective service.


A number of data collection forms for team members and clients are in the Skills Goodie Bag. Proper data collection is essential to streamlining work and making a good impression upon clients.


There are several tools and templates designed to assist potential or existing clients prepare for meetings or future discussions. If your clients are prepared and can give you the information you need, you're positioned to provide better service and results.


Team member guides provide an overview of the objectives and structure of the various meetings and discussions with clients. These can easily be adapted to your business and personnel position titles.


Team member scripts provide a structure for explaining key components of meeting agendas and discussions. These include: explaining the value the business provides, how that value is delivered, the fees the business charges, and what the client can expect when working with your business. 


There are a number of agreement templates prepared in order for the client to commit to the next step. Securing these agreements helps the client understand the progression to the next step, and results in better client retention.

Best of all, these documents are fully customizable! Every business is different, and therefore these tools and templates are designed so they can be easily altered to meet your specific needs with just a few tweaks.

All tools can also be imbedded in your branded documents, such as letterhead or email templates. Alternatively, they can be added electronically into your CRM system/ software, such as Xplan, Coin, Sales Force, Mid Winter, InfoTech, MailChimp and Infusionsoft.

And Here's One More Amazing Thing About The Skills Goodie Bag... 

The Skills Goodie Bag doesn’t just give you the templates, scripts, and contracts and then leave you to figure it out all on your own. Successfully engaging your clients is as much about 

WHEN you do something as WHAT you do.

Because of that, we structured the Skills Goodie Bag to walk you and your staff through the client engagement process step-by-step so nothing important is missed! 

Below is page from the guide we'll send when you order your Skills Goodie Bag— notice how it shows you EXACTLY how to use the documents and when: 

Want to see more?

Download a free copy of our How to use guide!

It outlines all the tools and templates you'll receive in your Skills Goodie Bag as well as shows you how comprehensive the program is.

YES! I can see how the Skills Goodie Bag will improve my client engagement practices (and profits)! 

 I want to order it TODAY!

The tools have made my life easier overall, saving me time as I don’t have keep knocking myself out thinking about content.

Using 9Rok Consulting’s skills goodie bag of tools and templates has been great. These tools have given my business structure by making my business focus on building repeatable processes and have helped strengthen the client experience. 

It is an essential part of the client on-boarding process for us and we believe it helps eliminate buyer's remorse. 

The tools have made my life easier overall, saving me time as I don’t have keep knocking myself out thinking about content. 

It’s done for you and sets a great tone for your relationship with clients. I highly recommend it.

Hayden Loxton | Paragon Private Wealth | Principal 

How The Skills Goodie Bag Will Revolutionize Your Business

Remember one of the statistics mentioned earlier? 

A 10% increase in customer retention levels result in a 30% increase in the value of the company. 

Seem too good to be true? Well, let's break it down: 

By using the Skills Goodie Bag you will: 

Eliminate internal inefficiencies and productivity will skyrocket, which will...

Free up valuable time and resources to focus on clients and grow your business.

Impress prospects and steal them away from your competition.

Build client loyalty, which leads to more referrals.

Become the leader in your industry for customer service and professionalism.

Eventually be able to attract the best clients and charge more for your services, which means...

You'll make more money and drastically increase the value of your business!

How Do I Know The Skills Goodie Bag Really Works?

This is not some random collection of documents compiled by your average business owner! 

 The Skills Goodie Bag is the product of years of research, testing, and experience. 

Here's how you know it works:


The Skills Goodie Bag was created by Kim Payne, who is a renowned consultant and coach to the financial services industry as well as the Managing Director of 9rok Consulting.

With decades of experience in the financial services industry and as a successful business owner, Kim knows how important client engagement is, and what it takes to get it right.

Here's what some of her consulting clients have to say about her: 

Kim is the leading expert in helping financial planning businesses move up to the next level.

"After running my business for the better part of nine years, I reached a point in where I was contemplating what was next for the business. I really needed someone who understands current market trends, and that’s when I reached out to Kim. I knew I needed someone who was an expert in the industry but wasn’t tied to a dealer group or product manufacturer. It was a very easy decision to engage her because as far as I am concerned Kim is the leading expertin helping financial planning businesses move up to the next level. She’s helped me fall back in love with my business again and that’s probably the greatest thing I’ve taken out of our relationship."

Andrew Carra | Carra Wealth Management | Principal Adviser 

Kim helped take what was already a good business to one that is now benchmarked in our industry.

"The main benefits Kim was able to bring to our business was her ability to teach us howto communicate our knowledge and experience to our current and prospective clients in a way that was easily understood and valued by the client.Using her skills and experience Kim helped us develop processes and structures to improve our business and the service we deliver to our clients.The processes and structures Kim helped us build have now become habitual in our business to the point where it is now just ‘the way we do things’."

Michael Mansfield | Morgans Financial Limited | Executive Director – Brighton

There’s been amazing industry recognition for the work we’ve done with Kim.

When introduced to Kim we were expecting efficiency tips; the quick wins to make our business operate more effective and more profitably. What I got from Kim is something radically different. She challenged us to think and ask our clients about what they really valued and then we built our whole service offer around it. We built it into every interaction that we had with clients. Kim was an absolute life saver. 

Not only has the feedback from the clients been really gratifying, but there’s been amazing industry recognition for the work that we’ve done with Kim. In 2010 Money Management awarded our business the Financial Planner of the year and Australia Private Banking Awards saw my business as the most outstanding Financial Advisers. In 2013 the AFA awarded us the Female Excellence in Advice Award. I think all of that can be directly traced to the work Kim has prompted us to do.

Catherine Robson | Affinity Private 

Winner – 2013 AFA Female Excellence in Advice Award 

Winner – 2010 Money Management Financial Planner of the year 

Winner – Outstanding Wealth / Investment Adviser – Australian Private Banking Awards 2010 


The Skills Goodie Bag was created specifically to fill a need Kim saw in nearly all her consulting clients. 

As a financial advice business coach, one thing her clients were constantly asking for was help getting to the next level. Knowing how critical a customer's experience is to a healthy business, Kim would ask, "How does your client engagement processes work?"  

Not surprisingly, few had any procedures in place or were not effectively managing this important aspect of their business. It’s this common gap that Kim saw over and over again that inspired her to create the Skills Goodie Bag.

It has taken Kim and her team over 100 hours to create the Skills Goodie Bag.


Because this was created to fill a need in the industry, Kim knew the standard "additional resources" or "access to free documents" approach other coaches use just wouldn't cut it. 

She realized businesses owners needed an entire system, not just a bunch of unrelated documents. So she and her team dug in and did the hard work, so you and your team wouldn't have to. 

The Skills Goodie Bag has been tested by financial advisers. 

Once the Skills Goodie Bag was put together, Kim wanted to make sure it was easy to implement, use, and customize. 

 So before launching it, she gave it to financial advisers to test. She then used their feedback to perfect it— which means you're getting a tried-and-true product that delivers exactly what it promises! 



It's based on PROVEN client engagement practices!

Kim didn't just make this stuff up. As mentioned earlier, all of the documents, templates and tools are created based on a proven 6-step system of client engagement practices that cover the 9 key areas of client interaction. 

Don't Let Your Business Flounder— Rescue It With The Skills Goodie Bag!

For less than $300 you can get:

More new clients 

More loyal clients

More referrals 

More money  

More industry recognition 

More productive employees 

More success! 

It's really a small investment when you consider how much it's costing you to keep going on with an "okay" client engagement system. 

Don't believe it's costing you?

Well, start adding it up— what does it cost you when you lose a customer? How much do you spend marketing to new clients because you're not getting enough repeat business or referrals? 

What about the hours upon hours your team spends chasing down leads that don't end up signing on? 

And what about office inefficiencies? Did you add that in? How much does it cost you to have your staff "reinvent the wheel" with every client— and still not get the results you wanted? 

Doing nothing about your client engagement issues WILL cost you.

Doesn't it make sense to fix it now, while it's both easy and affordable?

Hi, Kim Payne here. 

I just wanted to let you know that I believe in the Skills Goodie Bag so much, that I've decided to personally guarantee it. 

If, within 90 days you feel you can't customize and use any of the 65 documents in the Skills Goodie Bag for your financial services business, then I will refund your full purchase price. 

Listen, I know from experience those who give advice for a living often have a hard time accepting it in return! But what I've learnt from my many years of coaching and consulting is that when you focus on doing whatever it takes to get your clients on your side, the money will flow. 

So please, take my advice— implement the Skills Goodie Bag in your business and achieve more than you ever thought possible!

Okay, I'm convinced! I want to grow my business by leaps and bounds— send me the Skills Goodie Bag ASAP!

Only             (including gst) for a limited time.